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        Since its inception in 2005, DwqSolutions has focused on quality rather than quantity.  We are committed to going above and beyond to make our clients proficient and successful.


       To help us get here DwqSolutions adopted several strict and well defined values, including our mission to “deliver our clients superior quality solutions through continuous innovation, integrity and honesty.”  In addition, we unremittingly strive to achieve our ultimate goal and vision “to be the most efficient resource in litigation support services.”


       DWQ's leadership, attitude and proven results are expressed through our excellent client relationships and quality of life of our team.  As a result, we manage our business the same way we evaluate our personal lives; by learning, prioritizing and challenging ourselves to be better every day and not allowing a “fixed-mindset” to deter us from our potential. Such discipline and adherence to our values has been the key to our success. 


       Throughout the years, we have established ourselves as an innovator and made it our goal to be proactive to changes in the industry. Continually enhancing our knowledge base has allowed DwqSolutions to provide exceptional service and create positive experiences for our clients. Day after day we reevaluate and monitor our company to ensure we understand our clients’ needs and make decisions based on proven results.


       As we foster established clientele and cultivate new relationships, the future looks bright for DwqSolutions and we embrace tomorrow’s challenges with extraordinary passion.

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