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Get up-to-date status and manage your request via our HIPAA complaint and data encrypted portal

Ability to view, save and download records online at any point and time from our secure system

FDA-approved as a Class II Medical Device for diagnostic viewing


We will email you a secure link to the portal registration so you can access and manage all of your client files


As our client, you will have the ability to track your record orders from submission to final production. Upon completion, you can choose your preferred method of record delivery; whether it be through our portal, hard copy, CD and/or USB. 


Our extensive database of hospitals, clinics, physicians, businesses, private and government agencies ensures prompt communication between custodians and DwqSolutions.   



As our client, you are kept informed of  the order status, updates and progress, according to your specific preferences  

We retrieve records from the medical industry, corporations, employment records and many more

Notices sent to ALL parties involved 

No hidden costs or fees

Easy one time invoicing

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